Which Altcoin has the biggest upside for 2019?

Which Altcoin has the biggest upside for 2019?

There are around 2000 cryptocurrencies available in the market at present and the forecasts show a promising future for some according to trading professionals and experts. Here we will be discussing some of those selective Altcoins that will sustain in the market and have the potential to generate large volumes of profits for the investors. We believe that the direct quotations from XRP to CAD will rise along with LTC to CAD.



According to financial experts, XRP has the most chance of sustaining and in fact can even get ahead of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the long-run. The target group of Ripple is more centered to large institutions for cross-border exchanges instead of individual investors. SEC regulation is not part of it because it didn’t need to hold up ICO. With short-sell positions increasing for bitcoins in the upcoming year, institutional altcoin market will try and take over the position of bitcoin.


LTC is something that we feel has the right features of bitcoin along with optimum utilization of technological tools. For LTC blockchain, the mining time is tentatively 2.5 minutes whereas that of bitcoins is 10 minutes. The total supply is greater here – 84 million to be exact. Our prediction suggests that LTC will become a good alternative to bitcoins due to advanced technological features and as such LTC to CAD direct quotations would rise.


Standing second in terms of market capitalization of cryptocurrency, we feel that ETH to CAD direct quotes will remain stable and fluctuate less compared to other altcoins. Ethereum is more than just a simple cryptocurrency, it is a source of crowd funding and possess a great infrastructure for contractual obligation.

Final verdict

2019 will see the fall of many altcoins which in turn would actually raise the CAD rates of the surviving altcoins.