What Is PIVX Cryptocurrency?

What Is PIVX Cryptocurrency?
December 12, 2017 No Comments Business,Cryptocurency Jess Mavencoff

There is no such thing as anonymity or privacy when you work around a public blockchain platform. There is an open ledger that is open for viewing by anyone which compromises your financial privacy. Your spending habits and history of financial transactions are out in the open.

Fact remains that using cryptocurrencies will allow your financial transactions to be analyzed and your identity tracked down.

PIVX is Geared Towards More Secure, Private, and Instant Transactions

PIVX cryptocurrency aims to make a difference in the financial market. PIVX or Private Instant Verified Transactions is a privacy-centric, open-source, and decentralized cryptocurrency that is generated from DASH. PIVX aims to produce a digital currency or a mode of exchange that also keeps users secure and private while they are handling financial transactions online. This focuses too on instant transactions.

PIVX is designed, engineered, and evolved with the best practices and developments in mind to ensure your transactional security and privacy whenever you send and receive payments. This proof-of-stake cryptocurrency is generated from DASH. Its manifesto or whitepaper focuses mainly on community governance. PIVX aims to build a digital means of exchange that is designed to be secure and private. The aim of this digital cash is to minimize the transaction times and fees while of course maintaining privacy and security for members.

The PIVX community is well-known for their being active and global with majority of members are all over major chat platforms and public roadmap. There are tons of resources that you can check out to learn more about its technology and how to get involved especially if you are looking to invest. All proposals from the community are welcome and discussed by members. The core team also allows participation from individuals who are willing to invest not just their money but more so, time and effort.

PIVX believes that in these modern times, people should be allowed to engaged in private, fast, and secure exchanges without any interferences from any banking or financial institution. This allows people more freedom to spend their money.

PIVX Forked from DASH

PIVX, which was originally forked from DASH used to be called Darknet or DNET. The digital currency was created in February 2016. Its main difference with DASH is that it has an enhanced POS mechanism. After the so-called fork, with the help of many community members, this was rebranded to PIVX in January 2017 to PIVX which reflects primarily its ideals, visions, and goals.

PIVX does not have a set coin supply like DASH or bitcoin. However, the supply of PIVX is bound to increase annually by over 2.6 million. The average block mining time is about 1 minute which is a lot faster to mine or generate than DASH or bitcoin.

After its rebranding and enhanced marketing efforts, PIVX has spiked in value. One of the main goals of PIVX is to achieve private transactions as well as the management which will help sustain for the entire network especially in the near future.

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